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Website Development

RMR can take your ideas, create the graphical design, program the website, and host your solution without the need to involve another party. RMR’s team of programmers, database administrators and graphic designers can address any problem from a simple brochure site to complicated business management and communication solutions.


If you are looking for something more than just a website, RMR has many years of expertise in creating web applications to manage your business operations. Web applications create bonds and efficiencies between you and your business partners, distributors, suppliers, employees and customers giving you a significant advantage over your competitors. To get an idea of our capabilities, check out some of our sample sites below.

Mobile Applications

RMR can move your ideas beyond the boundaries of the web and out into the frontier of mobile devices. Utilizing smart phone and tablet technologies, RMR can expand your business communications and products from the barriers of office and home browsers to your mobile customers and users. Moving your message and products to mobile devices can target users wherever they are.


Take a look around you. Virtually everyone is carrying a smart phone, tablet, or some other form of mobile device. This is a huge opportunity for you to take your message to these devices. Here are some samples of RMR mobile solutions.

Chess Camp

Chess Camp is a 7 series collection of interactive chess puzzle books officially endorsed by the USCF. Easch volume in this series contains over 600 puzzles and represents a unique theme. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Tip Share

Find out how to manage your arthritis joint pain from people like you. Tip Share gives you the opportunity to share your arthritis tips about managing arthritis point, rate other people’s tips, and view tips from the Arthritis Foundation. Available for iPhone and iPad.


Craig Select allows you to enter a search for a particular item on Craigs List and the app checks new listings on a regular basis allowing you to be the first to act when someone lists your desired item. Available soon for iPhone and iPad.

Graphic Design

Whether you need a logo, new website, facelift to an existing website, email marketing campaign or brochure design, RMR’s world class graphic designs will make your business look its best while communicating your message in a simple and effective manner. We can create vector or raster graphics with industry standard technologies (Photoshop and Illustrator).


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something simple and easy or something that really stands out, your customers will judge you by the way your site looks. RMR has many years of experience in graphic and logo design and we can make your site’s appearance project just the right message to your audience. To get an idea of our capabilities, check out some of our sample sites below.

Card Riot

Phone System Applications

If you are looking for an automated phone answering system or looking to integrate voice messages with your website, RMR has the technologies and experience to address your needs.


Let’s say you have a large group of people you need to get voice messages to quickly, like a baseball team, community organization or club membership, RMR can provide you with a call in number to leave a message. Your message will then be delivered to everyone on your list. Your message can even be posted to your website or delivered in and email or to a mobile application. The possibilities are endless.


Event Registrations


If you are the organizer of an event you will probably need to provide some sort of online registration. RMR’s experience will help you come up with a solution specific to your needs, not cookie-cutter like other online companies.


Whether you are organizing something as simple as a bridal party or an event with thousands of people, RMR will create the online forms you need and your required reports. We can also provide online hotel reservations with our site

Hosting and Email Services


Here at RMR, we host all of our solutions for you. This provides you with a significant advantage you cannot get with other custom application developers. Since we design the application, code it, and also host it, you can rest assured everything is going to work flawlessly.


No longer will you be worried about who is managing your security, backups, and site modifications. You will work with one vendor and avoid the “finger pointing” you will experience when something goes wrong using multiple vendors. RMR will handle your solution from beginning to end with the professionalism you expect.


RMR has embraced and utilizes nothing but cloud services for all of your hosting needs. Cloud services guarantees you 24/7 uptime on servers that are fast and secure. They also allow you to scale your site up or down as your business needs change. Are you anticipating the launch of a new product and want to be sure your site is going to be able to handle the additional traffic? RMR’s cloud technologies allow us to scale your server up at a moment’s notice so your customers will experience a fast and quick response.


We can also provide you with server space if you have an existing site and are looking for a safe and reliable server to host on and if you are looking for email services, RMR can set up accounts from just a few to several thousand.

Group Communications


RMR has all of the tools and technologies for you to communicate with your group. We can utilize voice mail applications, mobile and smart phone apps, email, websites, and SMS text messaging. We can implement any of these technologies alone or in any combination to solve your most problematic messaging problems.


Some of the applications RMR has developed for existing customers involve recording voice mail messages and distributing that message to website subscribers or delivering them directly to their phones or even emailing them as MP3 files. We can also develop email advertising campaigns, mobile application push messages and SMS text messaging.


Utilizing our proprietary branded email product, you can deliver an attractive, branded email to your customers at any time to their email inbox on their PC or mobile device. Here is how it works. Your customer or target audience opts in to your message. They can do this from your website or from a mobile application. You then create your message using any of a number of pre-created graphical templates or we can create templates for you complete with your logo, tagline and colors. Once your message has been sent to your “opt-in” list you can track who is viewing your message at the exact date and time the email is open. We even store a complete history of your emails for your future review. If your recipient decides to opt-out, they can do so at any time with the included opt-out link.


To experience a test voice mail application, Call 330-602-7905 or send an email to with your phone number in the subject line.

RMR Cloud Solutions

From its early inception, RMR has embraced cloud technologies to help its customers solve business problems.


All of RMR’s applications are running on cloud servers offering as high as 99.9999999% uptime! We can also offer cloud storage solutions for access to your data from any computer at any time. These technologies also allow your application to scale up or down to assure your site will never experience slowness due to over usage. Talk to us about how our cloud technology offerings can help you with the problems of traditional servers and hosting solutions.


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