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What is custom software?

Custom software is the development of software for a specific organization or a specific group of users. This software is designed to address specific needs and is not intended for resale.


Why not buy something off the shelf?

Off the shelf software is designed for a large group of users all with a specific need. If you can’t find a specific feature or the software doesn’t address your needs in general, you can’t do anything to customize the package to accommodate your requirements.

Custom software addresses this need. The customer specifies to the developer exactly how the end product needs to operate. Once completed the release product will address all of the needs of the customer along with addressing any branding needs or infrastructure requirements.


What are the pros of custom software?

The benefit of custom software is it addresses the user’s specific needs. Customers of custom software can see dramatic increases in the efficiency of their internal operations along with addressing the need to securely share information with customers, vendors, and associates. Custom software can also be modified to address the ever changing needs of the customers’ business as the business grows and evolves.

What are the cons of custom software?

Custom software can generally cost more than off the shelf solutions. However a properly designed and implemented package can address the requirement of the customer exactly and the additional costs can be easily justified in improved work flows and communication efficiencies. The custom software provider can also provide support services tailored to the customer’s need.


How to select a developer.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the decision to select a custom software provider: cost, time lines, technologies, etc. While the overall cost of a package is usually not set in stone due to unforeseen complications and incomplete requirements, the provider should be able to provide you with a detailed project and and estimate.

RMR welcomes the opportunity to work with you to show you how custom software can help your company and provide an appropriate ROI. Give us a call or email us from the information on our contact us page today and give us the opportunity to help improve your operations so your business can grow and flourish.

What we do


If your business has a need to securely share information with your vendors, customers, and associates, RMR can help. With our many years of experience in developing web applications RMR can create a web portal that will securely share your data anytime, anywhere.

Our talented team of programmers can design and brand your portal to your exact specifications. Using the latest in software development technology, your final product will be able to share your data securely and efficiently. We can build from the ground up or we can link to legacy systems, back office systems. spreadsheets, just about any form of data you use to manage your business.

Once complete your web application will dramatically improve the operations of your organization. No longer will your customers need to contact your customer service department. Your communications flow with customers, vendors and associates will improve dramatically. Your internal operations will run seamlessly and efficiently.

Take a look at case studies from some of our existing customers to see how web applications can improve your business.

Paragraphics Case Study

Colfax Case Study

Web Applications


  • Make your data available anytime, anywhere, with any mobile device.
  • Need to access sales figures on the go?
  • Need to enter orders in the field?
  • Need to access inventory information from anywhere on your shop floor?

RMR will create a custom mobile application. We develop custom mobile applications for the iPhone and /or Android platforms. The result will put the most crucial pieces of your data at your fingertips. No longer will you be tethered to your desktop computer.

Mobile Applications


If you are looking to share data with a distributed workforce, customers, suppliers, or the public and would like to do it in a secure manner, RMR can provide you with solutions to help. Our team of experienced programmers can code an internet or extranet website using data from your back office and share that data securely to parties in need. RMR’s intranet and extranet solutions can help your company or organization significantly improve your customer service and improve your internal workflows to extremely efficient levels.

Intranets and Extranets


We understand you will have questions about how to improve your company operations using software. Technology is a daunting field and changes are happening faster than you can read this paragraph! How do you leverage technology to help your business without having to get a degree to understand what tools will work for you? Give the experts at RMR a call. For a modest consulting fee we can come in and assess your current business operations and make recommendations for technology and software improvements. And if you end up purchasing our solution(s) we generally refund the consulting fee.

Making your business technologically savvy has a twofold benefit. First you will see significant improvements in your internal operations and communications flow. RMR has helped companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Secondly your technology improvements will help to secure new customers and retain old customers as those customers will also benefit from your efforts. Take a look at what RMR was able to do for Paragraphics and then give us a call to schedule a consultation. RMR will make technology easy for you!

Consulting Services


No more under-developed websites.

RMR will develop your public website and integrate your data into a secure back-end. The result is a seamless image for your company, which will eliminate waste and increase performance. The general public will see your website. Customers, vendors, or other select parties will be provided a username and password, which will allow them access to pertinent information. We can also create fully customized e-commerce solutions.

Take a look at this case study of how RMR was able to help WJER Radio.

Website Development


RMR Development of Dover, Ohio was formed in 2000 to address the website design and software needs of local business. RMR has since forged a team of web site programmers with deep experience in e-commerce and website development. Today, RMR has established a valued relationship with clients around the country. Our competitive advantage is the ability to deliver turnkey solutions by providing internet/intranet solutions, website design, application development, e-commerce solutions, client email systems, and fault tolerant website hosting services. We also provide e-commerce solutions such as online store fronts, shopping carts, merchant accounts and payment gateways.

RMR Development

RMR Development uses internal graphic artists, hosts the applications we develop, provides SQL server databases, and offers database maintenance services, backup services, and e-mail servers for over 80,000 clients. We can take your ideas and turn them into a finished product without third parties, complications, bugs, and errors often encountered when involving several entities. A single contractor simplifies the development cycle and assures quality control. We employ our own developers to assure quality code. Our value priced, professional, custom web site design team will make you look like an online pro - someone your visitors and customers can trust.

Contact RMR Development for all your web design and custom programming needs.